All event attendees represent Space City LX Modern Mopar and are asked to act according to the following guidelines. These guidelines are in place to maintain the reputation of Space City LX as club that respects our surroundings and our members conduct themselves in a professional manner. 
Please refrain from:
  1. Loud music.
  2. High/Excessive revving of your engine.
  3. Burnouts or other exhibition of horsepower.
  4. Reckless driving.
  5. Street Racing.
  6. Behaviors that can be deemed obscene.
  7. Excessive speed when traveling in a caravan group.
  8. Any activity near a member's vehicle that could cause damage.
  9. Leaving your children unattended.
  10. Leaving trash around the event location.
Our ability to meet at these public places is jeopardized every time an incident occurs. Bystanders look at us as "another one of those car clubs" and report these isolated incidents to the property owners and/or law enforcement.
We appreciate Car Show TV publishing this article... How Not To Be A Jerk: The Ten Commandments of Car Show Ettiqutte.
Lastly, don't end up on video like this driver, or this one, or this one.