FAST-N-FIRST | Text LAUNCH to 713-929-2980



Okay, this is pretty big news!!!!


So we've used Email, Kakao, SCLX Connect app, Group Me, Telegram.... in an effort to keep us all connected.


Well, the dream of of simplicity is here.... if you want the BEST way to keep updated of what's happening, send us a message, etc.... we're now in available by text.


Yes, just a simple text message in that same app you send messages to your friends and family. We send to you and you can send to us. Simple.


So, hit us up.... text LAUNCH to 713-929-2980.


As with everything we do... your info is 100% private, controlled by us, and we won't spam.


Whacha waiting for?


All the best,





P.S. We will still be in "all the places".... but for the fastest way to get info to you and for you to contact us.... text 713-929-2980. Bypass the junk folder, the algorithm, and the feed.