Caravans are great ways for members to travel to events. Our priority when caravaning is SAFETY FIRST. We have drivers of all skill and experience levels who participate in these caravans. Please observe these guidelines, whether in a small area caravan or in a larger club cruise.

  1. Be familiar with the destination as discussed in the event information thread.
  2. Attend the caravan pre-departure driver's meeting at the meetup location.
  3. If you have some 2-way FRS radios, bring them. We use channel 5.
  4. Leave meetup location in single-file and in an orderly manner.
  5. Make note of the car that is in front of you.
  6. Stay in your caravan group and remain in a single file line.
  7. Maintain normal freeway speeds leaving a comfortable amount of distance behind the car you are following. 
  8. Be mindful, speeding up to catch the car in front of you and then having to slow down has a ripple-effect on the drivers behind you.
  9. The LT approves members to drop out of line and take photos or "rolling shots". This must be authorized prior to event day.
  10. Observe all traffic laws. Be a courteous driver. You represent SCLX on the road. 


The goal of every event is to have a great time and starts with arriving safely. To download a PDF of caravan etiquette, click here.