Are you interested in meeting other owners? Are you interested in learning more about your vehicle? Are you interested in participating in face-to-face events? If so, we invite you to join us. Membership is free because of our generous Club Supporters. SCLX is open to the following vehicles: 

  • Chrysler 300
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Magnum
  • Dodge Challenger
  • SUV SRTs


The cars bring us together but it's the people that make SCLX a special place. Here are comments from our members:


"I am completely humbled by the kindness of others in the SCLX family. THIS is exactly the unmeasurable FAMILY aspect of our club that goes way beyond anything anywhere else. Finding that card on my windshield has been nothing short of a true blessing."


"I know a lot of other car clubs out there. I hang with them and their members all say the same thing. They wish their leaders would follow suit of what all of you have put together."


"Make friends with all members. There may be a few who ya can count as life long friends. Plus ya never know when ya may need personal or car help. The friends I've made through SCLX are the best people I've ever known."


"My wife was so glad to see how family-oriented the Central Meet & Greet was. She now wants me to work more on my car. Thank you SCLX Family!"


"I am forever grateful for Roger passing me a card one day when I took my car in for servicing, without that contact I would have never been able to meet such fine people as you all, or have had the opportunity of a lifetime like the one this past weekend."



We welcome owners who want to be active in this enthusiast community. Will you invest the time it takes to meet other owners, learn, share, and grow? If you can answer yes, then becoming an active part of the SCLX Family is a three-step process:

Step 01: Register


It doesn't matter if you are all stock, all custom, all show, all go, or somewhere in between.


We welcome all owners who are interested in learning and sharing. Start connecting with other local owners.


start here 

Step 02: Come to an Event
Make plans to attend your first club event. It could be a local area Mochas & Mopars gathering or the Central Meet & Greet, our club-wide event.
To see what's happening locally jump to the EVENTS page.
Step 03: Support the Mission
After you've particiapted in a few SCLX events, and see what this community is about, we invite you to become a Club Supporter.
You see, as a no-dues no-sponsors organization we rely on dontation from our members. Those donation allow SCLX to continue our mission of connnecdting local owners.
Learn more about how you can Support the Mission by visiting our SUPPORT page.