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We are one week from Lone Star Mopar Fest #9. It's a new chapter for us as we move the event to Houston Raceway Park. In addition, we are collaborating with the Modern Street Hemi Shootout to provide a first-class race format.


LSMF is a Meet, Show, Race all in one place.


Be sure to visit for all the info!


See you on Oct 4-5.


Give a shift, get a cup!



Hello all !!!!

We try to something special for all the volunteers who help put on this event.

This year, instead of a cheap t-shirt that says "staff" they will get a lanyard/bracelet and this special limited souvenir glow cup. In addition, the 17 cars for our MOPAR M will be chosen from interested volunteers.


If you have already volunteered, thank you!

If not, please visit to see where you can help.

Thank you!


Why Participant Judged?



At our second event, in 2012, we introduced a competition element to our Show-N-Shine activity. We figured the race cars had a competition opportunity and we might as well do something for the show cars.


In all honesty, this element has been the hardest for us to meet expectations on. We've had challenges with weather affecting the time frame, with comments of bias when a sponsor has naming rights to the show and also judges, finding outside judges, hearing from competitors that those outside judges don't "know our cars", and we could go on.


Given all this we are introducing a new-to-us format for 2019. A peer-review Participant Judged competition. Owners know these cars so we will let participants in the show vote for their favorites.


How will it work?


1. The Show-N-Shine is included with a VIP Admission. When you arrive at Houston Raceway enter at Gate #1.


2. Park. Unload.


3. Head over to Event HQ to get your entry form and dash number.


4. Get your ride show ready.


5. When instructed, head back to Event HQ or your ballot.


6. Walk around and pick your TEN favorite vehicles of any shape and size.


7. Turn your ballot in to Event HQ by 3:00pm. No late ballots will be accepted.


8. We will tally the votes and award Favorite Tens in the following groups:


- LX 2005-2009
- LX 2010-2014
- LX 2015-2020
- Truck, Jeep, SUV
- Non LX Cars


9. We will notify the Favorite Tens of each group to stage for the Favorite Fifty Parade.


10. Be in the grandstands for the t-shirt giveaway, parade, and the MSHS finals.


The overall enthusiast experience is our priority and we have come to realize over the past several years that a casual, participant judged show, is the best fit for LSMF.


We hope you'll join us this year to spend time with other owners, see old friends and make new ones!


2019 LSMF Mopar M will be chosen from volunteers



Our LSMF Mopar M, first started in 2012, takes a new twist. For the first time we will make 17 random selections from a list of applicants. In order to apply you must be a LSMF 2019 volunteer. Enter by September 15 and selections will be made on September 16 and posted on our Instagram.


Are you a volunteer, check your inbox for our email.

Ticket FAQ



A new venue means we've got a new ticket policy. You may have some questions so we'll do our best to answer them.


Q: What do I need tickets for?
A: The Hemi Hideout and the Show/Race on Saturday. All tickets are PER PERSON. Friday Night Lights and the Prize Bash are free.


Q: I just want to be a spectator, I have no plans to show or race, can I come?
A: Yes! The General Admission ticket is just for you. If you qualify for one of our free admission options, then just show up at ticket booth on event day.


Q: I plan to show my car and have a couple passengers. What ticket do I need?
A: The driver will need a VIP ticket. The passengers can have a General Admission ticket. Keep in mind, only the driver will have access to the additional VIP areas.


Q: What does a VIP ticket get me?
A: You'll enter into VIP parking through Gate #1. Have access to the VIP Starting Line Grandstands, and access to the Tower Club VIP Lounge (air conditioned seating/dining area, restrooms, and cash bar).


Q: I purchased a 2019 Early Bird ticket, what does that get me?

A: You are one of the lucky ones. Early Bird tickets give the Driver VIP and Passengers General Admission. You enter through Gate 1 and park on the VIP side.


Q: I'm not 100% I can make it, can I buy my Saturday tickets at the track?
A: Yes.


GA vs. VIP..... it's a simple decision:


General Admission: For spectators or those who DO NOT plan to show or race their vehicle. Access to GA Grandstands.


VIP Admission: For participants (in the show or race) and those who want access to the VIP Starting Line Grandstands or VIP Tower Club.

LSMF 2019 Event Enhancements




Hello Enthusiasts!


In previous communications we referenced 2019 as the beginning of a new chapter for LSMF. We always strive to deliver an enthusiast-focused atmosphere and experience. Along those lines we have some great things to share!


There are three major changes for 2019 and all revolve around providing LSMF guests with the best enthusiast experience possible. We hear it over and over from those who attend. The atmosphere and vibe is unlike any other they experience. We keep those comments top of mind when making any decisions about LSMF.


First, we are excited to call Houston Raceway Park our new home. Now we are able to provide a venue/facility that can grow with us, a race surface that will provide robust competition, and grandstand worthy experience.


Second, we are bringing in the best race format for Mopar-related vehicles, the Modern Street Hemi Shootout. Founder, Dan Van Horn, will be on site as our Race Director to ensure competitive and casual racers alike will have a great time Houston Raceway's top-notch racing surface.


Third, we are implementing a per-person ticket structure with aligns with how most guests are accustomed to purchasing tickets for a movie, concert, or other race events. The new ticket structure gives guests options. Some of guests have no desire to show or race, they just want to come and be a spectator while others want to participate by displaying their vehicle, competing in the Show-N-Shine, making a few quarter-mile passes, or competing in the race program. We can accommodate both types of guests with our General Admission, or, VIP Admission tickets.


LSMF has come a long way in the last eight years. Over time we've evolved the event as your interests have evolved. We will never lose sight of our goal for the Fall Finale, to create the best environment we can where you can go beyond the cars.


We are excited about what 2019 has in store and hope you will join us.

See you in October!


This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things





The photos above are of the parking lot at the Central Target. This had been our monthly city-wide Meet & Greet location since June 2009.


The night before our morning meet there was a gathering of cars and they left their mark. When we showed up to the location yesterday morning security informed us that NO more meets would be allowed. We asked for and were granted some time to linger and let people know what was going on.


While we are disappointed to lose this great location we have been in the process of looking for ways to change up the Central Meet & Greet. This just accelerates efforts we already had underway. We will update membership via our UP TO SPEED emails on developments.


Central Target 2009-2019, RIP




Tips for Airline Travel to Spring Festival 14


Anthony Carter | LX & Beyond Nationals


The top reason we often hear for not attending Spring Festival is that its too far away. We understand that packing up your Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger or Dodge Magnum and hitting the road is not possible for everyone. That does not mean that you have to miss out on the fun! Another option is flying out to meet everyone in SoCal. If you're smart about it and plan ahead it's cheaper than you think.


1. Leave for #SF14 on Wednesday or Thursday. Airline fares are often much lower those days instead of waiting until Friday when everyone travels. Also, arriving early gives you time to do some sightseeing before everyone arrives, avoid any delays and allow you to adjust to the time zone change.


2. Don't get too attached to sticking to one airline. Depending on where your home is located another airline may have a cheaper fare on either end. Smart airline travelers bargain shop for the best rates to keep the expenses low. Nothing wrong with booking 2 separate one-way trips, this is 2019.


3. Time is of the essence. In other words, you want to go to #SF14 Spring Fest 14 so start your search now to secure your airline travel. There are an abundance of hotels in SoCal to choose from even if its not the main hotel but there are only so many flights going to Pomona, California that week. Also, airline rates skyrocket 2-3 weeks prior to your travel date. Don't forget this is Spring Break for many kids and California is a prime destination.


* Some people say the best fares are last minute which is true in some situations, but Spring Break is definitely not one of those times you want to gamble on last minute deals. Plus it's no fun stressing out that you may not get a flight or end up paying double what you could've paid weeks ago.


4. Check nearby major airports at your home location and Pomona, California. The closest airport to #SF14 Spring Fest 14 is Ontario International Airport (ONT). Depending on which airlines you choose, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) could be a cost-savings option but will require an hour drive (or longer if you wait until Friday to arrive. LA traffic is no joke if you have never been here before). 30-60-90 minute drive could save you $200-400.


5. Return home from #SF14 on Monday if you can. Depending on the airline, fares are sometimes lower on Monday instead of heading home on Sunday when everyone is on a time crunch to get back home to get to work. Use the extra day to hit the beach, relax at the hotel, or do some sightseeing, this is California after all. After an exciting weekend of Mopar fun nobody really likes going to work on Monday anyway, right?


Hope this info helps our long distance enthusiasts!


We look forward to seeing everyone at #SF14 Spring Fest 14 on March 23 at the historic Auto Club Raceway at Pomona.


Drive, fly, carpool, whatever it takes!!




Created by Passion, Driven by Enthusiasts!!!!

Our 12th Year




To reach the full potential of what 2019 has for us it will take:


1. Interest

2. Participation

3. Volunteers

4. Support.


Buckle up.... it's gonna be a great year.






As of today we have discontinued our SCLX CONNECT app for Android and iOS.

We first launched the app five years ago to provide an additional place for members to get information and connect. Over the last year we've taken a look at the app and asked, is it still functional and useful to justify the cost? There are a lot of things the app did "okay". There are a few things it didn't do that we wanted. In the end, the app was nice, but for the things it did "okay" we had other platforms to distribute that information on.

It's not all bad news.... we have some good news. This one is for you past and present FORUM users. We know you like to post photos and in the past it's been a multi-step process to do that. You'd have to upload the photo to a third-party, copy and paste the link, etc.

As of today you have the ability to attach the photos and place them anywhere in your post, directly at and it works from any device.



For step-by-step visit this forum post.



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