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Thank you to all the Club Supporters whose donations make it possible to have this website and keep it secure.






Fiat Chrysler annouced the new Challenger lineup for 2019. Leading the way is the new Redeye version of the Hellcat.


In addition, FCA annouced the new 2019 Charger lineup.


Check it out here:

New 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

Revamped Dodge Charger Performance Lineup for 2019


(Photo courtesty of Mopar Unlimited)


Mods to Lone Star Mopar Fest 2018




Since we started this event back in 2011 we constantly look to improve the experience for our guests, our volunteers, and our partners. This year we are making several enhancements in our event ticketing, the car show, and the racing program.



We have streamlined the online registration process with the following changes:

  • There is only one ticket option available.
  • Each vehicle needs a ticket. Each ticket serves as admission for everyone in the vehicle.
  • At checkout you have the ability to add the SHOW option or the RACE option. Read the How To.
  • Some cars are built for show, some are built for go, some are built for both. For those that do both, we ask you pick ONE.


XPEL Car Truck Jeep SUV Classic Show

Having a car show and a drag race program, simultaneously, has it's challenges. In order to provide the best show experience we can, we have made the following changes:

  • Vehicles competing in the show will be parked in designated areas to ensure quicker accessibility during the judging process.
  • Guarantee your spot in the Car Truck Jeep SUV Classic by registering online and adding the show option.
  • A limited amount of Event Day entries will be available.


Friends of LSMF Drag Race Program

For 2018 we will only have drag racing, no autocross.

  • Participation in the autocross program has steadily declined for the last three years.
  • We will use the time savings from eliminating this activity to push back the start of the day.
  • Bracket/Index Racing returns.
  • Heads up racing with ET groupings


Online Pricing (ends October 7)

  • MOPAR Vehicle & Admission: $15
  • ADD ON - Car, Truck, Jeep, SUV Show: $0 (guaranteed spot)
  • ADD ON - Drag Racing: $25 (guaranteed spot)
  • ADD ON - Express Lane Drag Racing: $50 (limited to 25 spots)


Event Day Pricing (October 12 & 13)

  • MOPAR Vehicle & Admission: $25
  • ADD ON - Car, Truck, Jeep, SUV Show: $0 (space permitting)
  • ADD ON - Drag Racing: $35 (space permitting)
  • Spectators
    • Adults: $10
    • Children 12 & Under: $0
    • Active & Retired Military: $0 (with ID)
    • First Responders: $0 (with ID)


If you have any questions about the enhancements and pricing for LSMF2018 please contact us.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Eventbrite - Lone Star Mopar Fest 2018 // Powered by Pennzoil


Reboot Polos for Summer 2018




We've got the results from the check-in survey at last Friday's Central Meet & Greet.

Charcoal came in first and red second.

We last offered these polos in 2015 and will begin development on them again for the summer.

Look for men's and women's styles.


When $5 turns into $60



We know that $5 may not seem like a lot, but over the course of a year, it adds up to $60. We don't know about you, but $60 is nothing to sneeze at.


In fact, $60 pays for one month of our trailer storage, $60 almost pays for a month of our climate-controlled storage, $60 pays for one month of our hosting and website security... well you get the idea.


Why do we bring this up? Because, a small monthly donation, does help SCLX. We are grateful for our members who make donations every month, whether automatically or by handing it to us at the monthly events. We can't do what we do without our Club Supporters.


If you'd like to set up a automatic monthly donation visit this secure link. You can cancel it at any time.


Finally, a Facebook Group



Back in 2009 we launched a new website and forum. We stated that we always wanted a website component and forum component becuase not all our members use a forum. If you are a forum user you've likely seen how participation across all forums has dropped as social media, especially Facebook, have made it easier to communicate.


Admittedly, we've been slow to set up a "Facebook Group" because we knew it would be another thing we'd have to look after, monitor, etc. As we've seen more and more of our members communicate on Facebook we decided that now is the time to devote resources to a presence on the platform. We're late to the game on this but time has allowed us to develop a plan for how we will use the group for the advantage of our members. So, if you are active on Facebook, join the Space City LX Modern Mopar group via the link below. 

Space City LX Modern Mopar
Facebook Group · 68 members
Join Group
Established in 2007, Space City LX is the premier modern Mopar organization in the Houston area. We exist as a platform to connect owners with other o...
LSMF 2018 - Update 1




Hey fellow enthusiasts, here are a few updates.



Registration for #LSMF2018 will open next month. We will again offer a limited amount of EXPRESS LANE tech cards. These cards are for a special staging lane with reduced waiting. The regular tech cards will be available for purchase on-site (Friday and Saturday). Last year we offered them online, and based on some feedback, we'll see about offering them again online this year. Stay tuned for an update on that.



Make plans to come early on Friday and see the Hemi Hideout. It will be $10 per person (no one under 12 years old allowed). All the admission fees will be matched by the Hemi Hideout and donated to local charity of their choosing. We are super grateful to have this opportunity to share this collection of great cars and memorabilia with you.



We are super excited to announce the host hotel for 2018... the newly completed Embassy Suites Houston West Katy. This new property is operated by the same people who own Embassy Suites Energy Corridor, our host hotel in 2016 and 2017, so they know what to expect when LSMF 2018 comes around. Click here for details and to book your room. If you are local to Houston, and don't need a room, we still want you to come our be part of the Friday Night Mopar Mixer and the Saturday Night Prize Bash. We'll share more details about these important events in the coming months.


Double Trouble



The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will get a very noticable change in 2019. It's a nod to the heritage Dodge performance cars of the past. We love it!




Wrap that Rig




Hello SCLXers,


If you've been to one of our monthly events you've likely seen the club trailer. Since 2012, it's been a game-changer for the organization. We are so appreciative to have it and be able to transport tables, audio equipment, and other items that make the SCLXperience possible. It's been six years since the trailer has been put into use and it's time for a refresh.


Last year we started a campaign to raise money to do just that. So far, you all have donated $400 to the effort. As you know, SCLX is member-funded. We have NO sponsors, NO dues, and NO ads on our digital properties. We rely on you to make things happen.


We have a goal of $5,000 towards this project with the following priorities:

- New FULL wrap on the trailer.
- New EZ-UP tents, flags, etc.
- Added upgrades to our sound system.


We hope each and every one of you can make a donation, of any size, to help with this very specific project.


These enhancements are over and above our normal operating budget so we've set up a special donation link below.


You came through once before and we have no doubt you'll do it again! We will keep you all posted each month on the fundraising and progress towards completion.


Thank you in advance SCLX!!!!

Improvements to the Central Meet & Greet




Hey SCLXers, we are making improvements to the member experience at the Central Meet & Greet. Specifically, the member check-in, name badge, and You've Been Caught giveaways. It's our hope these improvements make your SCLXperience better.


Member Check-In

We ask members to check-in on the iPad so we can keep track of those who actively attend events. When a "space limited" event comes up, like a cruise or photo shoot, we notify our Club Supporters and those who have checked in at an event in the last three months first. On the check-in form there are three questions: email address, name, and "first time" attendee. We've made it so the only mandatory question is your email. After all, that's how we'd contact you about future events.


Name Badges

At the April Central Meet & Greet, we will introduce a new name badge. They are one-use labels, similar to the "Hello, my name is" badges. The labels are flexible and will not curl. So rest assured they will last the duration of one event. If you have your lanyard feel free to use it.


You've Been Caught

The YBC giveaways started as incentive for members to wear their lanyards, so new/other members can put a face with a name. A volunteer would walk around and give out a raffle ticket to anyone they saw with a lanyard or custom work shirt. Going forward, we will have a volunteer at the check-in station. Once a member completes check-in and puts on their name badge (or has a custom work shirt), they will be given a ticket. We will assemble at 9pm for announcements and to draw tickets for prizes.



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