Mod Meet @ Dr. Al's


Hello SCLXers and thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday and made the mod meet a success.  Big thanks again to Dr. Al and Maddie for hosting and all the members who participated.

We had great weather, good food, and filled up the streets around Dr. Al's house with Mopars.  Carlos took some great pictures that he posted on the forum and just about everyone got their mod done and drove away with a revamped ride, even if it took three attempts to install (haha).  There were plenty of people who weren't modding and gave their moral support.  It was a great chance to put a face with the forum name or just swap war stories of past mod meets or completed track times - and the SCLX cupcakes weren't bad either, thanks Melissa.


I would like to personally send out a thanks to everyone for their help (Cibalo you da man) and welcome all the first timers that were able to attend.  I wish I could've socialized more but if you saw my two year old son running around you saw how busy I was.  This was a great way to keep 2010 rolling and let's try and represent in a big way at the Coffee and Cars this month.  Thanks everyone and drive safe!

Bill Orsak (BSAK)

Westside Associate AC

2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8

Central M&G February 2010


Big thanks to everybody for making it out tonight.  What a great turnout we had over 30 cars show up!  The weather FINALLY worked in our favor.  We'd also again like to welcome all the 1st timers that came out tonite - was so exciting to see everyone interacting and enjoying the evening together.


If you missed us, be sure to check website for addtional details on the upcoming events and mark those calendars!  We are really having an exciting start in 2010, so make sure you set time to come and connect with us and get plugged into to SCLX Modern Mopar -- the best group of folks and cars all around!

See you at the next one.

Johnny Bee




Last Saturday some SCLXers rolled down to Kemah.  There were four Chargers and two Challengers.  I'm proud to say SCLXers outnumbered the Mustang, Camero, and Corvette bunch.


We saw two nice Mustangs.  A Cobra that sounded really nice.  There were two first gen Cameros.  One mean sounding S10 that is set up for racing.  Finally a new Camero that looked to be like the Lemans Blue.


Older cars are always out there.  A couple older Chevy Impalas and a 56 Plymouth 3 owner car for sale.  All in all only about 40 vehicles showed up in the mid 40 degree weather. 




Click for more photos....


If you are looking for a good event on the South/East side.... Kemah is it.  As the word spreads about this event returning we'll see many more cars participate.  Watch the forum to see when some SCLXers plan on rolling down to Kemah.




Scott Wilkinson "CharginScott"
Space City LX Modern Mopar
Southeast Area Coordinator

Coffee & Cars February

Thanks to all who made it out to the Coffee and Cars on the 6th.  The morning could not have been more perfect, blue skies, and cool temperatures (those mopars love cool weather because it means HP).

Our club had 30 plus cars arrive in caravan for the most part within a few minutes of each other. What a great site to see - mopars all lined up coming into the lot. Our presence was certainly known by the other C & C attendees.

The turnout to Coffee & Cars increased dramatically from the January meet. There were cars of every vintage and color to be seen; from Stock vehicles, to exotics, to the high performance.  And then there was what Johnny Bee calls “the sick rides’".  I hope you had a chance to get a look at (or hear) the Nova with the 4th time rebuilt (from bumper to bumper) 427LSX small block running 700plus. The guy who owns it told me he calls it his Bumper Dragger. When asked what he ran for exhaust, he said wide open!!

You can find additional photos of the February event by clicking HERE. 

Thanks to the new members who came out, it was great visiting with you and seeing your awesome rides. We hope to see you at one of the upcoming events.  Speaking of Events, Don’t miss the Feb. 19th Meet and Greet at the target parking lot – starts at 8:00, then on the 27th we have the big event mod meet at Dr. Al’s. We have many who have signed up to have mod’s completed and while they are working on that, we will have some burgers and great side dishes. Bring the family and enjoy a day with your fellow club members. 


See you at an event soon,

Jerry Lawson


Events Planner

"The members make the club; every event is full of fun and a great chance to enjoy our cars."

Luling Meat & Greet
Monday, 25 January 2010 15:15


Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who came out Saturday for our Luling Cruise event.  We've already heard from so many of you about how much fun the drive was and how great the BBQ was.  Weather cooperated and the event was just a fun day for everyone that went.  Below are some pictures and video.  We also shot some live video and broadcast that on SCLX TV.  You can see that video in the archives.

As always, it was great to have the first-timers out and we hope to see you at another event soon!


Be sure you've got your calendar marked for our next event Feb 6 - Cars  n Coffee.  You will also find on our website updated details on the Mod Meet -- now with a cookout lunch  and our March Dyno Day event.

All the best,

Johnny Bee
President, SCLX Modern Mopar

You Did It!


Today we passed a small milestone.  There are now over 100 of you registered to use our forum.  Thank you so much for participating in the forum - a direct way for members to connect with other members.  We have over 500 people who have "joined" the club and are on our weekly email list.  If you are one of those people who've "joined" the club and haven't yet created an account to use the forum you can click here to do so.

Adapting to the New Site



We've had the new website up since 12/15/09 and many of you have given us so many compliments on it.  This site is actually generation three of the SCLX website and is VERY different from our previous site.  Naturally, it will take some getting used to where everything is.  We encourage you to play around the site (you won't break it) and begin to get familiar with where to find things.


One of the most used features of the site is the SCLX Forum.  This is where members interact directly with other members and the Leadership Team on different topics.  Joining the club and registering for the forum are two different things.  We realize that not everyone who joins will participate in the fourm.  We also realize that the majority of forum participators attend the events.  So, it's natural that we will cater our events and club focus to those who interact on the forums. 


As of now, we've taken two event suggestions from the forum ideas and have worked them into the 2010 calendar.  As one member said, "you get out of the club what you put into it".  This new website allows you to "put into the club" by using the fourm - we hope you choose to do so.


Coffee & Cars January


Wow!  What a great way to start the new year.  Big thanks to everyone who came out this morning to our first official SCLX event of 2010.  We  had a great time attending Houston Cars and Coffee event.  


It was great seeing SCLX out in force and interacting with the Houston car scene.  There was everything from Model T's to Lambo's and everything in between.  Be sure to check the Forum/Message Board for comments from other members.


Mark your calendar for the next one - 1st Saturday in February.

All the best,


John Chiboroski, President

New SCLX "Tag" Cards for 2010


Members, at our next event be sure to pick up the redesigned "tag" cards for 2010.  We started these cards back in 2007 and they have been one of the most successful ways to gather new members.

As you drive around you'll spot fellow 300, Charger, Magnum, and Challenger owners.  When you see their car, slip this card on the driver's side door and let them know about the club.

Thank you from The Lawsons



Shelly and I would like to thank the staff and members of the SCLX club for providing us with a great way to meet and enjoy people with the same interest. We joined the club in the winter of 2008 and from our first event (Ritters on the west side) until today we have really enjoyed how everyone comes together and makes each gathering an event to look forward to.

I have been told we are a club of over 500 members; we are very fortunate to have a club of this size and still do not have to pay membership fees. I cannot say enough how the staff have made sure that our events our safe and enjoyable. You will never see a time when a question does not get answered or help is not there for you.

With this new age of ‘out-sourcing’ the SCLX club has been one of the best tools for finding new friends, new ideas & new ways to enjoy what we have.  We are very excited for the coming year of events and hope to meet a lot more new friends.

Jerry Lawson



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