Ticket FAQ



A new venue means we've got a new ticket policy. You may have some questions so we'll do our best to answer them.


Q: What do I need tickets for?
A: The Hemi Hideout and the Show/Race on Saturday. All tickets are PER PERSON. Friday Night Lights and the Prize Bash are free.


Q: I just want to be a spectator, I have no plans to show or race, can I come?
A: Yes! The General Admission ticket is just for you. If you qualify for one of our free admission options, then just show up at ticket booth on event day.


Q: I plan to show my car and have a couple passengers. What ticket do I need?
A: The driver will need a VIP ticket. The passengers can have a General Admission ticket. Keep in mind, only the driver will have access to the additional VIP areas.


Q: What does a VIP ticket get me?
A: You'll enter into VIP parking through Gate #1. Have access to the VIP Starting Line Grandstands, and access to the Tower Club VIP Lounge (air conditioned seating/dining area, restrooms, and cash bar).


Q: I purchased a 2019 Early Bird ticket, what does that get me?

A: You are one of the lucky ones. Early Bird tickets give the Driver VIP and Passengers General Admission. You enter through Gate 1 and park on the VIP side.


Q: I'm not 100% I can make it, can I buy my Saturday tickets at the track?
A: Yes.


GA vs. VIP..... it's a simple decision:


General Admission: For spectators or those who DO NOT plan to show or race their vehicle. Access to GA Grandstands.


VIP Admission: For participants (in the show or race) and those who want access to the VIP Starting Line Grandstands or VIP Tower Club.